More on SAN’s objectives

To raise awareness of, encourage and support the growth of the actuarial profession in Namibia;

The intention of SAN is to provide members with a platform on which to engage with fellow actuaries, to grow in their professional capabilities and to nurture other Namibians who have an interest in pursuing this profession.

To protect the public interest by promoting and upholding the highest standards of the professional conduct and integrity of actuaries providing actuarial services in Namibia; 

The goal of SAN is for all resident actuaries as well as non-resident actuaries who perform statutory functions for Namibian financial institutions to be members of SAN.  This will ensure the quality of actuarial advice that is provided to these institutions will be of a standard that is comparable with that which is expected in other countries where the actuarial profession has developed an impeccable reputation.

 To provide a platform through which the interest of the actuarial profession can be represented locally and more actively foster relations with other actuarial organisations.

Most of the actuaries operating in Namibia are members of the British or the South African actuarial associations.  In Britain, and more recently in South Africa, actuaries have been playing a key role in consulting with government agencies on a broad range of financial matters.  SAN aims to emulate this by developing a good relationship with the Namibian government, the Regulator, other Namibian professional associations and industry bodies and key institutions and service providers operating in the financial industry.