Benefits of supporting and engaging with SAN

Although we believe that SAN can make a significant contribution towards the Namibian financial industry we do realize that none of our goals will be achieved without the support of key stakeholders in the financial industry.  We have a number of initiatives planned aimed at achieving SAN’S objectives and ask that you would give us your support in our endeavours to implement the following:

-encourage all actuarial professionals engaged in the provision of actuarial services to Namibian institutions to become members of SAN;

-establish a framework for managing the relationship between SAN and the employers of actuaries and actuarial students, culminating in the registration of these employers as an “Actuarial Training Office” and/or a “Registered Services Provider”;

-issue practice certificates to Fellow members who are performing statutory duties for Namibian long- and short-term insurers, retirement funds, friendly societies and medical aid schemes;

-host educational events that will assist resident Fellow members in meeting their Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) requirements and will also afford other resident SAN members the opportunity to learn a little more about matters pertinent to the profession.  The first CPD session was held on 11 April 2013 focusing on Enterprise Risk Management and was sponsored by Old Mutual; and

-facilitate disciplinary conduct investigations of our members.